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State: AL - Alabama
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Feature Type: Canals

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Alabama River CanalCanalN32.5568°W86.2658°137133View Map
Big DitchCanalN31.5057°W85.0608°114276View Map
Boligee CanalCanalN32.7679°W88.0256°114692View Map
Chickasaw Creek ChannelCanalN30.7510°W88.0481°143217View Map
Colbert Shoals Canal (historical)CanalN34.8948°W88.0200°132869View Map
Douglas CanalCanalN32.1821°W88.4209°117429View Map
Elk River Shoals Canal (historical)CanalN34.7395°W87.2314°136754View Map
Florence CanalCanalN34.7993°W87.6498°118443View Map
Genetta DitchCanalN32.3418°W86.3283°164057View Map
Irishman DitchCanalN32.2576°W87.0719°120699View Map
Jordan DitchCanalN31.6393°W85.3760°121049View Map
King DitchCanalN32.0802°W85.7936°121222View Map
Mobile - Tensaw Cut-off ChannelCanalN30.8107°W87.9375°134635View Map
Mobile ChannelCanalN30.6994°W88.0372°143540View Map
Muscle Shoals Canal (historical)CanalN34.8334°W87.5111°142114View Map
Pinto ReachCanalN30.6724°W88.0336°158212View Map
Shipes CanalCanalN30.9813°W87.9789°153432View Map
Shoal Creek Aqueduct (historical)CanalN34.8384°W87.5542°142190View Map
Stillman DitchCanalN33.6448°W88.2281°127407View Map
Talley DitchCanalN34.9131°W85.8794°127652View Map
The CanalCanalN32.7032°W88.0186°127799View Map
Theodore Ship ChannelCanalN30.5008°W88.0606°143866View Map
Threemile DitchCanalN32.2696°W87.1283°127951View Map
Whitfield CanalCanalN32.5074°W87.8428°153978View Map
Whitfield Canal ExtensionCanalN32.4904°W87.8175°128922View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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