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State: CO - Colorado
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Feature Type: Benches

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Cabin BenchBenchN38.5211°W108.4195°203131View Map
Cedar BenchBenchN39.5116°W108.5159°172187View Map
Clarks BenchBenchN38.9486°W108.6368°203049View Map
Fawn Springs BenchBenchN38.1917°W108.7834°185994View Map
Franks BenchBenchN38.6047°W108.7440°185592View Map
Gasaway BenchBenchN39.5128°W108.5518°172185View Map
Goddard BenchBenchN38.3915°W108.2156°185809View Map
Horsefly BenchBenchN38.2258°W108.1881°186063View Map
Lake BenchBenchN40.4850°W108.7184°170906View Map
Langlas BenchBenchN39.9378°W107.5570°173608View Map
Massey BenchBenchN38.6608°W108.7212°185451View Map
McCarty BenchBenchN38.7533°W108.2862°203066View Map
Milbern BenchBenchN38.9411°W108.4576°185227View Map
North Love Mesa BenchBenchN38.5300°W108.4698°203125View Map
Roubideau BenchBenchN38.4514°W108.1798°203139View Map
South Love Mesa BenchBenchN38.5264°W108.4423°185620View Map
Stair StepsBenchN37.6000°W106.8617°196462View Map
Strawberry BenchBenchN40.1000°W105.7589°202571View Map
The Billard TableBenchN40.4786°W108.9618°170852View Map
West BenchBenchN39.0506°W108.1225°202265View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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