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State: IN - Indiana
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Feature Type: Forests

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This search matched 22 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Bradford Woods State ReservationForestN39.5270°W86.4317°431438View Map
Clark State ForestForestN38.5476°W85.9333°432567View Map
Ferdinand State ForestForestN38.2231°W86.7530°450911View Map
Frances Slocum State ForestForestN40.7334°W85.9689°434750View Map
Greene-Sullivan State ForestForestN38.9862°W87.2436°435435View Map
Harrison-Crawford State ForestForestN38.1862°W86.2847°451017View Map
Hoosier National ForestForestN38.5191°W86.5138°452266View Map
Jackson-Washington State ForestForestN38.8451°W86.0519°436903View Map
Martin County State ForestForestN38.7001°W86.7556°449805View Map
Martin State ForestForestN38.7017°W86.7356°451201View Map
Morgan Monroe State ForestForestN39.3792°W86.4250°447657View Map
Morgan-Monroe State ForestForestN39.3214°W86.5353°1959007View Map
Owen-Putnam State ForestForestN39.4750°W86.8695°440795View Map
Paoli Experimental ForestForestN38.5303°W86.5019°452528View Map
Pike State ForestForestN38.3603°W87.1575°441128View Map
Pioneer Mothers Memorial ForestForestN38.5395°W86.4536°451339View Map
Salamonie River State ForestForestN40.8134°W85.6991°442866View Map
Selmier State ForestForestN39.0301°W85.6030°443214View Map
Spencer County State ForestForestN38.1137°W86.8169°443940View Map
Swain Memorial ForestForestN39.5925°W85.8514°444451View Map
Thousand Acre WoodsForestN38.7250°W87.1317°444740View Map
Yellowwood State ForestForestN39.2050°W86.3458°451648View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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