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State: KY - Kentucky
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Feature Type: Bars

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Alexander BarBarN36.8078°W85.3439°485819View Map
Bee ShoalsBarN36.7573°W84.3205°510507View Map
Big ShoalsBarN36.6387°W84.5344°510694View Map
Biggerstaff BarBarN36.7204°W85.4770°487293View Map
Charlestown Bar (historical)BarN38.7001°W83.8252°2362887View Map
Craig BarBarN38.7042°W85.1247°507325View Map
Crow ShoalsBarN36.7709°W84.3369°511659View Map
Fishing Creek ShoalsBarN36.9829°W84.7049°2725686View Map
Fishtrap ShoalsBarN37.3704°W83.3510°512175View Map
Ingram ShoalsBarN36.9787°W88.0306°494993View Map
Kentucky Point BarBarN36.5184°W89.5362°495677View Map
Long Willow Shoals BarBarN37.5797°W83.8081°2777746View Map
McFarland Shoal (historical)BarN36.6191°W85.5013°2742646View Map
Middle BarBarN36.7253°W89.1431°498094View Map
Pennyweight BarBarN38.6912°W83.4970°2364898View Map
Pitch RapidsBarN36.8162°W84.3519°514624View Map
Slick ShoalsBarN36.8267°W84.3330°515488View Map
Summer ShoalsBarN36.7570°W84.2883°515814View Map
Thunderstruck ShoalsBarN36.8070°W84.3460°515942View Map
Walker BarBarN37.4528°W88.2209°507329View Map
Watts BarBarN38.1088°W84.8638°2558197View Map
Wilburn BarBarN36.7357°W85.4271°506718View Map
Williams Shoal (historical)BarN36.6754°W85.5413°2742648View Map
Willow Shoals BarBarN37.5892°W83.8141°2777745View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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