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State: LA - Louisiana
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Feature Type: Valleys

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This search matched 21 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Bayou SecValleyN29.8789°W90.9318°532772View Map
Big GullyValleyN31.6521°W92.6654°547083View Map
Brushy HollowValleyN30.8467°W90.3004°533483View Map
Camp HollowValleyN30.6839°W93.1014°533659View Map
Carr HollowValleyN31.4927°W92.1741°545908View Map
Chubby BottomValleyN30.9802°W90.4690°533948View Map
Clark HollowValleyN30.4123°W93.5578°533967View Map
Cowpen GullyValleyN31.2319°W93.0430°547257View Map
Glady HollowValleyN31.6189°W92.5999°547398View Map
Grand GullyValleyN30.5835°W91.9648°560871View Map
Grande CouléeValleyN31.2451°W91.8474°556527View Map
Hickman BottomValleyN30.9478°W91.1593°535644View Map
Hickory HollowValleyN30.6947°W93.0556°535651View Map
Mayhew HollowValleyN31.5047°W92.2419°536953View Map
Miller GullyValleyN30.6294°W93.0633°537140View Map
Pecan ValleyValleyN30.5999°W91.3019°538045View Map
Sandy HollowValleyN31.6322°W92.0902°539165View Map
Sandy HollowValleyN30.8066°W90.3961°540669View Map
Steep GullyValleyN30.6660°W93.0761°539650View Map
The CrevasseValleyN31.8953°W93.1313°541792View Map
Water HollowValleyN30.7317°W89.9995°540247View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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