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State: MI - Michigan
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Feature Type: Military Locations (Historical)

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This search matched 31 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Alpena Army Air Field (historical)MilitaryN45.0825°W83.5614°2091533View Map
Calumet Air Force Station (historical)MilitaryN47.3717°W88.1706°2086952View Map
Camp GraylingMilitaryN44.5976°W84.8994°2512058View Map
Coast Guard Station CharlevoixMilitaryN45.3163°W85.2459°2512101View Map
Coast Guard Station FrankfortMilitaryN44.6303°W86.2442°2512517View Map
Coast Guard Station Grand HavenMilitaryN43.0604°W86.2385°2512458View Map
Coast Guard Station HollandMilitaryN42.7740°W86.2025°2512111View Map
Coast Guard Station LudingtonMilitaryN43.9529°W86.4597°2512502View Map
Coast Guard Station ManisteeMilitaryN44.2504°W86.3416°2512120View Map
Coast Guard Station MarquetteMilitaryN46.5464°W87.3768°2512122View Map
Coast Guard Station Port HuronMilitaryN43.0053°W82.4232°2512133View Map
Coast Guard Station PortageMilitaryN47.1169°W88.5109°2512134View Map
Coast Guard Station Sault Saint MarieMilitaryN46.5000°W84.3386°2512140View Map
Coast Guard Station TawasMilitaryN44.2554°W83.4509°2512144View Map
Custer Air Force Station (historical)MilitaryN42.3436°W85.2778°2087520View Map
Detroit ArsenalMilitaryN42.4969°W83.0418°2512163View Map
Fort Custer Training CenterMilitaryN42.2926°W85.3259°2512191View Map
Grand Marais Air Force Station (historical)MilitaryN46.6636°W85.9831°2087678View Map
K. I. Sawyer Air Force Base (historical)MilitaryN46.3533°W87.3957°1623943View Map
Kincheloe Air Force Base (historical)MilitaryN46.2514°W84.4675°2090307View Map
Port Austin Air Force Station (historical)MilitaryN44.0303°W83.0011°2089925View Map
Raco Army Air Field (historical)MilitaryN46.3525°W84.8147°2093995View Map
Romulus Army Air Field (historical)MilitaryN42.2167°W83.3481°2095888View Map
Sault Sainte Marie Air Force Station (historical)MilitaryN46.4564°W84.3897°2090207View Map
Selfridge Air National Guard BaseMilitaryN42.6142°W82.8302°2512010View Map
Selfridge Army GarrisonMilitaryN42.6037°W82.8166°2512011View Map
Tri City Army Air Field (historical)MilitaryN43.5319°W84.0822°2096586View Map
United States Coast Guard Station (historical)MilitaryN47.1253°W88.5783°2123941View Map
United States Coast Guard Yards and DocksMilitaryN46.4997°W84.3383°2358309View Map
Willow Run Air Force Station (historical)MilitaryN42.2428°W83.4989°2090226View Map
Wurtsmith Air Force Base (historical)MilitaryN44.4525°W83.3803°2090479View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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