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State: MT - Montana
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Feature Type: Oilfields

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Arch Apex Gas FieldOilfieldN48.9075°W111.3589°768323View Map
Bascom Oil FieldOilfieldN46.6522°W107.7904°768538View Map
Bears Den Oil and Gas FieldOilfieldN48.8786°W111.0033°768616View Map
Belle Creek Oil FieldOilfieldN45.1093°W105.0851°2701844View Map
Big Wall Oil FieldOilfieldN46.6166°W108.3798°768833View Map
Bowes Oil FieldOilfieldN48.4786°W109.2402°769140View Map
Brorson Oil FieldOilfieldN47.7995°W104.3008°769254View Map
Cabin Creek Oil FieldOilfieldN46.6070°W104.4572°799210View Map
Cupton Oil FieldOilfieldN46.5495°W104.3088°799216View Map
Devon Gas FieldOilfieldN48.5789°W111.4892°770635View Map
East Poplar Oil FieldOilfieldN48.2072°W105.1044°771100View Map
Elk Basin Oil FieldOilfieldN45.0177°W108.9093°771181View Map
Flat Coulee Oil and Gas FieldOilfieldN48.9714°W111.0619°771439View Map
Flat Lake Oil FieldOilfieldN48.9889°W104.0852°799086View Map
Fred and George Creek Oil and Gas FieldOilfieldN48.9431°W111.4569°771618View Map
Gas City Oil FieldOilfieldN46.9211°W104.7380°771728View Map
Glendive Oil FieldOilfieldN47.0231°W104.8402°771803View Map
Grandview Oil and Gas FieldOilfieldN48.6994°W111.1980°771908View Map
Ivanhoe Dome Oil FieldOilfieldN46.7200°W107.8412°772744View Map
Keg Coulee Oil FieldOilfieldN46.6833°W107.8943°772952View Map
Keith Gas FieldOilfieldN48.8789°W110.8911°772955View Map
Kevin Sunburst Oil FieldOilfieldN48.7850°W112.0164°773013View Map
Little Beaver Oil FieldOilfieldN46.1011°W104.0858°799277View Map
Melstone Oil FieldOilfieldN46.6141°W108.0523°774095View Map
Monarch Oil FieldOilfieldN46.5133°W104.3805°799213View Map
Mosby Dome Cat Creek Oil FieldOilfieldN47.0500°W107.9218°774407View Map
Mosser Dome Oil FieldOilfieldN45.5452°W108.7301°774414View Map
North Pine Oil FieldOilfieldN46.8892°W104.7055°774845View Map
Northwest Sumatra Oil FieldOilfieldN46.7092°W107.6882°774873View Map
Oil HillsOilfieldN46.1785°W110.6674°774916View Map
Pennel Oil FieldOilfieldN46.3961°W104.2538°799235View Map
Prairie Dell Oil and Gas FieldOilfieldN48.6425°W111.8875°805926View Map
Ragged Point Oil FieldOilfieldN46.7397°W107.9707°775526View Map
Rattlesnake Butte Oil FieldOilfieldN46.8722°W108.1673°1721617View Map
Reagan Camp Oil FieldOilfieldN48.9753°W112.5128°775610View Map
S W Kevin Gas FieldOilfieldN48.6575°W111.9684°806129View Map
Soap Creek OilfieldOilfieldN45.2727°W107.7737°776722View Map
South Pine Oil FieldOilfieldN46.7414°W104.5616°799195View Map
South Wills Creek Oil FieldOilfieldN46.5561°W104.3777°799212View Map
Stensvad Oil FieldOilfieldN46.7305°W107.7773°777198View Map
Tiger Ridge Gas FieldOilfieldN48.5342°W109.8127°777646View Map
Utopia Gas and Oil FieldOilfieldN48.6147°W111.1836°777956View Map
West Dome Cat Creek Oil FieldOilfieldN47.0672°W107.9973°778210View Map
Whitlash Gas and Oil FieldOilfieldN48.9617°W111.2416°778434View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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