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State: WI - Wisconsin
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Feature Type: Flats

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This search matched 21 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Amsterdam PrairieFlatN43.9866°W91.2921°1560844View Map
Arena PrairieFlatN43.1755°W89.9632°1560931View Map
Babbs PrairieFlatN43.5330°W90.0439°2760496View Map
Blake PrairieFlatN42.8630°W90.9440°1561914View Map
Boice PrairieFlatN42.7880°W90.6829°1562034View Map
Brice PrairieFlatN43.9361°W91.3026°1562185View Map
Cassell PrairieFlatN43.2083°W89.8648°1562780View Map
Coon PrairieFlatN43.6202°W90.8837°1563372View Map
Dead Lake PrairieFlatN44.6108°W92.0354°1563775View Map
Decorah PrairieFlatN44.0816°W91.2854°1563803View Map
Hickory FlatFlatN43.1308°W90.4282°1566352View Map
Little PrairieFlatN43.3005°W89.9371°2760498View Map
Millards PrairieFlatN43.7036°W90.2929°1569502View Map
Pecks PrairieFlatN43.4726°W89.7027°2760497View Map
Pepin PrairieFlatN44.4489°W92.1505°1571192View Map
Round PrairieFlatN43.7567°W88.8257°1572679View Map
Round PrairieFlatN43.5941°W90.8821°1572680View Map
Roznos MeadowFlatN43.4061°W89.6751°1577440View Map
Sand PrairieFlatN43.2072°W90.6051°1573698View Map
Sauk PrairieFlatN43.2644°W89.7760°1573736View Map
Spring Green PrairieFlatN43.1953°W90.1231°2760499View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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