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State: AK - Alaska
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Feature Type: Canals

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This search matched 23 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Angun EntranceCanalN69.9556°W142.4189°1419948View Map
Belle LateralCanalN65.2481°W147.2294°1398842View Map
Campion DitchCanalN58.5481°W133.6756°1399767View Map
Candle DitchCanalN65.7875°W161.8992°1412710View Map
Chatanika SiphonCanalN65.1411°W147.4222°1400169View Map
Davidson Ditch (historical)CanalN65.2264°W146.9525°1400995View Map
Fairhaven DitchCanalN65.6817°W163.0319°1413004View Map
Hood CanalCanalN61.1797°W149.9611°1416831View Map
Little Saint Michael CanalCanalN63.4656°W162.2853°1405532View Map
Middle DitchCanalN65.1514°W147.3486°1406288View Map
Miocene DitchCanalN64.7381°W165.3089°1406423View Map
Mud Creek DitchCanalN65.9469°W161.9561°1413571View Map
North Star DitchCanalN65.6922°W164.7031°1407239View Map
Ottumwa DitchCanalN65.6222°W165.5047°1407661View Map
Pargon DitchCanalN65.1497°W163.6650°1407770View Map
Saint Michael CanalCanalN63.3817°W162.2583°1408974View Map
Seward DitchCanalN64.6194°W165.3161°1409293View Map
Stuart Island CanalCanalN63.5817°W162.5022°1410274View Map
Thanksgiving DitchCanalN65.1825°W150.3878°1410787View Map
The DitchCanalN51.7722°W177.2569°1416031View Map
Treadwell DitchCanalN58.2928°W134.4514°1411195View Map
Treadwell DitchCanalN58.2389°W134.3458°1897038View Map
Wild Goose PipelineCanalN64.9336°W165.1906°1412047View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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