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Welcome to the TopoQuest Place Finder!
This page includes search tools to find places and points of interest.  The USGS GNIS database (also known as the USGS Place Names Database) containing approximately 2 million names of populated places and other landmarks is used by this search tool.  Our copy of the database was last updated in August 2011.

You can try searching for the name of a landmark, a natural feature of the land (like mountains, lakes and rivers), populated places (towns and cities), and other manmade features (dams, mines, trails and parks).

Search For Places, Landmarks and Points of Interest:
State: Name: Type:

Note: You can leave the feature name blank to list all features in the selected state of a particular feature type, or leave the feature type set to Any and specify a name, but you can not leave the name blank and also leave the feature type set to Any.  That search would return every feature in the selected state, which would be many thousands of search results!

We also have a direct list of place or feature types by state.

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