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State: AK - Alaska
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Feature Type: Wells

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Avak Test HoleWellN71.2508°W156.4550°1398496View Map
Back Point Number 1WellN70.4392°W149.1000°1416511View Map
Central Pad 1WellN70.2144°W148.4847°1416978View Map
Central Pad 2WellN70.2117°W148.4153°1416979View Map
Discovery Well Prudhoe Bay State Number 1WellN70.3236°W148.5428°1416518View Map
East Oumalik Test WellWellN69.7886°W155.5503°1401621View Map
Fish Creek Test Well Number 1WellN70.3117°W151.8731°1416523View Map
Gas Well Number 12WellN71.2386°W156.3369°1416525View Map
Gas Well Number 14WellN71.2325°W156.3014°1416526View Map
Gas Well Number 4WellN71.2650°W156.6297°1416528View Map
Grandstand Test WellWellN68.9686°W151.9600°1402823View Map
Knifeblade Test WellsWellN69.1317°W154.7081°1404851View Map
Kup River State Number 1WellN70.3800°W148.8475°1416538View Map
Kuparuk State Number 1WellN70.2897°W149.1142°1416539View Map
Lake State Number 1WellN70.2069°W148.2139°1416982View Map
Meade Test Well Number 1WellN70.0369°W157.4814°1416542View Map
North Prudhoe State 1WellN70.3772°W148.5275°1407231View Map
North Prudhoe State 1WellN70.3786°W148.5292°1416972View Map
North West Eileen State Number 1WellN70.3656°W149.3594°1416549View Map
Oumalik Test WellWellN69.8442°W155.9822°1407666View Map
Pad 36WellN70.2903°W149.0333°1416960View Map
Pad 37WellN70.2661°W149.0917°1416961View Map
Pad AWellN70.2667°W148.7500°1416966View Map
Pad BWellN70.2689°W148.6750°1416965View Map
Pad CWellN70.2967°W148.6694°1416964View Map
Pad DWellN70.2944°W148.7542°1416967View Map
Placid et al State Number 1WellN70.2506°W148.8194°1416974View Map
Put RiverWellN70.2672°W148.8517°1408389View Map
Put River Number 1WellN70.2778°W148.2328°1416963View Map
Put River State Number 1WellN70.2356°W148.6792°1416975View Map
Sag Delta Number 1 Oil WellWellN70.3378°W148.1333°1416973View Map
Se Eileen State Number 1WellN70.2653°W149.0181°1416962View Map
Simpson Test Well Number 1WellN71.0467°W154.9931°1416569View Map
Square Lake Test WellWellN69.5558°W153.2811°1410078View Map
Susie Oil WellWellN69.5522°W148.7522°1410438View Map
Titaluk Test WellWellN69.4183°W154.5358°1411004View Map
Topagoruk Test Well Number 1WellN70.6303°W155.8997°1416573View Map
West Kuparuk State Number 1WellN70.3350°W149.3078°1416577View Map
Wolf Creek Test WellsWellN69.3783°W153.5167°1412211View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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