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State: AZ - Arizona
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Feature Type: Falls

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Ash Creek FallsFallsN32.7298°W109.8940°842View Map
Beaver FallsFallsN36.2813°W112.7298°1168View Map
Big FlowFallsN36.2358°W109.3229°1315View Map
Black FallsFallsN35.5642°W111.2707°37652View Map
Cheyava FallsFallsN36.1461°W111.9743°2803View Map
Chitty FallsFallsN33.5391°W109.3962°25422View Map
Chiva FallsFallsN32.2581°W110.5959°27609View Map
Columbine FallsFallsN36.0927°W113.9218°3135View Map
Deer Creek FallsFallsN36.3895°W112.5082°3805View Map
Fiftyfoot FallsFallsN36.2450°W112.6999°12004View Map
Glynns FallsFallsN32.5881°W113.6535°5072View Map
Grand FallsFallsN35.4275°W111.2007°5216View Map
Havasu FallsFallsN36.2551°W112.6980°44804View Map
Minnehaha WatersFallsN34.2020°W112.4227°31926View Map
Mooney FallsFallsN36.2631°W112.7085°8258View Map
Navajo FallsFallsN36.2503°W112.6985°8531View Map
Ribbon FallsFallsN36.1595°W112.0556°10245View Map
Sardine FallsFallsN33.1917°W109.2757°34087View Map
Seven CataractsFallsN32.3620°W110.7265°34272View Map
Tanque Verde FallsFallsN32.2545°W110.6559°35369View Map
The FallsFallsN34.4586°W111.7865°35221View Map
Travertine FallsFallsN35.7559°W113.4480°12694View Map
Two Hundred and Fivemile RapidsFallsN36.0055°W113.3422°12985View Map
Whitmore RapidsFallsN36.1455°W113.2005°13724View Map
Winn FallsFallsN31.8556°W109.2609°13928View Map
Workman Creek FallsFallsN33.8184°W110.9305°39896View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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