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State: AZ - Arizona
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Feature Type: Military Locations (Historical)

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This search matched 30 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Air Force Facility Missile Site 8 (historical)MilitaryN31.9031°W110.9986°2499857View Map
Ajo Army Air Field (historical)MilitaryN32.4531°W112.8553°2091464View Map
Barry M Goldwater East RangeMilitaryN32.6650°W112.9957°2512043View Map
Barry M Goldwater West RangeMilitaryN32.4530°W114.0804°2512446View Map
Buffalo Soldier Electronic Testing RangeMilitaryN31.6333°W110.2167°2627908View Map
Camp Bowie (historical)MilitaryN32.1498°W109.4526°4746View Map
Camp NavajoMilitaryN35.1936°W111.8419°2512067View Map
Camp Verde Military Reservation (historical)MilitaryN34.5725°W111.8650°42848View Map
Coolidge Army Air Field (historical)MilitaryN32.9336°W111.4272°2091845View Map
Datelan Army Air Field (historical)MilitaryN32.8142°W113.5275°2091952View Map
Davis-Monthan Air Force BaseMilitaryN32.1636°W110.8494°2512157View Map
Douglas Army Air Field (historical)MilitaryN31.4639°W109.6008°2091954View Map
Fort HuachucaMilitaryN31.5538°W110.3194°2512200View Map
Fort Huachuca Military ReservationMilitaryN31.5633°W110.3343°2500137View Map
Hereford Army Air Field (historical)MilitaryN31.4175°W110.1328°2092044View Map
Kingman Air Force Station (historical)MilitaryN35.1975°W114.0411°2087771View Map
Kingman Army Air Field (historical)MilitaryN35.2600°W113.9467°2092289View Map
Litchfield Park Naval Air Facility (historical)MilitaryN33.4258°W112.3722°2375189View Map
Luke Air Force BaseMilitaryN33.5406°W112.3728°2512266View Map
Marana Army Air Field (historical)MilitaryN32.5078°W111.3239°2092793View Map
Marine Corps Air Station YumaMilitaryN32.6417°W114.6096°2512279View Map
Mount Lemmon Air Force Station (historical)MilitaryN32.4411°W110.7894°2089732View Map
Poorman Range (historical)MilitaryN32.1487°W110.8056°15533View Map
Tucson International Airport Air Guard StationMilitaryN32.1308°W110.9494°2512361View Map
Williams Air Force Base (historical)MilitaryN33.3069°W111.6608°2090478View Map
Williams Field (historical)MilitaryN33.3069°W111.6636°2096658View Map
Winslow Air Force Station (historical)MilitaryN35.0811°W110.8314°2090229View Map
Yucca Army Air Field (historical)MilitaryN34.8764°W114.1267°2096662View Map
Yuma Army Air Field (historical)MilitaryN32.6564°W114.6058°2096663View Map
Yuma Proving GroundMilitaryN32.8614°W114.1181°2512397View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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