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State: CT - Connecticut
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Feature Type: Ridges

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This search matched 22 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Barrett RidgeRidgeN41.8284°W71.9948°205281View Map
Brushy RidgeRidgeN41.1582°W73.4862°205786View Map
Candleview RidgeRidgeN41.4145°W73.4421°206003View Map
Chapman RidgeRidgeN41.4348°W72.2756°206190View Map
Hawks NestRidgeN41.2701°W72.4690°212379View Map
Hickory RidgeRidgeN41.1534°W73.3573°207802View Map
Mad Mare RidgeRidgeN41.4209°W72.9537°1934092View Map
Marvin RidgeRidgeN41.1440°W73.4748°208742View Map
Quaker RidgeRidgeN41.0993°W73.6862°210040View Map
Ruscoe RidgeRidgeN41.1879°W73.4937°210348View Map
Saltonstall RidgeRidgeN41.3012°W72.8465°210620View Map
Scott RidgeRidgeN41.3162°W73.5415°210711View Map
Smith RidgeRidgeN41.1759°W73.4962°210929View Map
Smith RidgeRidgeN41.1879°W73.5015°210930View Map
Sturges RidgeRidgeN41.2118°W73.4079°211269View Map
Sunset RidgeRidgeN41.7707°W72.5918°211300View Map
The HogbackRidgeN41.7968°W73.3293°211419View Map
Turner RidgeRidgeN41.2120°W73.4437°211615View Map
Two Buck RingRidgeN41.7757°W72.9551°211633View Map
West Rock RidgeRidgeN41.3809°W72.9651°211979View Map
Wheatfield RidgeRidgeN41.4812°W72.2720°1931711View Map
Worthington RidgeRidgeN41.6148°W72.7473°1950927View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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