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State: DE - Delaware
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Feature Type: Bars

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Black Ditch BarBarN39.5218°W75.5369°216468View Map
Bombay Hook Point ShoalBarN39.3168°W75.4330°216691View Map
Brown ShoalBarN38.9462°W75.1296°216565View Map
Brown ShoalBarN38.9273°W75.1035°217881View Map
Brown ShoalBarN38.9418°W75.1246°215280View Map
Bulkhead ShoalBarN39.6168°W75.5969°216704View Map
Cherry Island FlatsBarN39.7383°W75.4912°216358View Map
Conch BarBarN38.9679°W75.3102°213821View Map
Dutch Creek ShoalBarN39.2626°W75.3885°216418View Map
Fenwick ShoalBarN38.4529°W74.9357°216566View Map
Goose Island FlatsBarN39.6043°W75.5621°216713View Map
Goose Island FlatsBarN39.6046°W75.5674°216469View Map
HawknestBarN39.0501°W75.2913°216675View Map
Hawks Nest ShoalsBarN38.5609°W75.6877°214065View Map
Hen and Chickens ShoalBarN38.7782°W75.0710°214077View Map
Joe Flogger ShoalBarN39.1501°W75.2496°217265View Map
Joe Flogger ShoalBarN39.1459°W75.2541°216564View Map
Marcus Hook BarBarN39.7890°W75.4413°216835View Map
New Castle FlatsBarN39.6751°W75.5358°217163View Map
Old Bare ShoalBarN38.9501°W75.2496°217183View Map
Oyster Rocks (historical)BarN39.0654°W75.0191°215274View Map
Pea Patch ShoalBarN39.5793°W75.5635°216710View Map
Reedy Island BarBarN39.5390°W75.5580°216708View Map
Shirleys BarBarN39.0512°W75.3858°215490View Map
The Inner Fork of the Shears (historical)BarN39.0834°W75.2663°215272View Map
The Lower MiddleBarN39.0334°W75.2163°217197View Map
The Lower MiddleBarN39.0334°W75.1871°217902View Map
The ShearsBarN38.8334°W75.1330°216539View Map
The ShearsBarN38.8329°W75.1257°214736View Map
Whale BackBarN38.8459°W75.1996°215281View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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