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State: DE - Delaware
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Feature Type: Dams

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Abbotts Pond DamDamN38.8854°W75.4763°216978View Map
Bear Swamp Pool DamDamN39.2876°W75.4788°216693View Map
Becks Pond DamDamN39.6246°W75.7030°217022View Map
Bellevue Lake DamDamN39.7787°W75.4880°216831View Map
Blairs Pond DamDamN38.9037°W75.4849°216872View Map
Brandywine Creek DamDamN39.7971°W75.5752°217095View Map
Burton Pond DamDamN38.6712°W75.1863°216752View Map
Chipman Pond DamDamN38.5612°W75.5383°216815View Map
Clendaniel Pond DamDamN38.8573°W75.4041°216751View Map
Collins Pond DamDamN38.7084°W75.5213°217041View Map
Concord Pond DamDamN38.6432°W75.5538°217052View Map
Coursey Pond DamDamN38.9890°W75.5105°216792View Map
Cubbage Pond DamDamN38.8654°W75.3902°216744View Map
Davis Pond DamDamN38.5154°W75.4605°217087View Map
Derby Pond DamDamN39.0857°W75.5585°216973View Map
Diamond Pond Dam (historical)DamN38.7687°W75.3177°217415View Map
Duck Creek Pond DamDamN39.3082°W75.6224°217072View Map
Edgar M Hoopes DamDamN39.7759°W75.6335°216801View Map
Fleetwood Pond DamDamN38.6440°W75.5091°217051View Map
Garrisons Lake DamDamN39.2434°W75.5885°216734View Map
Goslee Mill Pond DamDamN38.7187°W75.1885°216756View Map
Griffith Lake DamDamN38.9101°W75.4655°216879View Map
Haven Lake DamDamN38.9129°W75.4441°216878View Map
Hearns Pond DamDamN38.6793°W75.5941°217035View Map
Killen Pond DamDamN38.9815°W75.5299°216796View Map
Lake Como DamDamN39.2965°W75.5999°217071View Map
Marshall Millpond DamDamN38.9082°W75.4127°216888View Map
McGinnis Pond DamDamN39.0365°W75.5105°216974View Map
Moores Lake DamDamN39.1262°W75.5185°216721View Map
Morris Millpond DamDamN38.6393°W75.3160°216788View Map
Nemours DamDamN39.7829°W75.5671°217090View Map
Pea Patch Island DikeDamN39.6373°W75.5771°214431View Map
Raymond Pool DamDamN39.2607°W75.4624°216695View Map
Records Pond DamDamN38.5587°W75.5674°216816View Map
Red Mill Pond DamDamN38.7601°W75.2035°216820View Map
Reedy Island DikeDamN39.4879°W75.5721°214531View Map
Reynolds Pond Dam (historical)DamN38.8148°W75.3449°217416View Map
Shadowbrook DamDamN39.8223°W75.6449°216799View Map
Shallcross Lake DamDamN39.4837°W75.6705°216866View Map
Shearness Pool DamDamN39.2721°W75.4699°216694View Map
Silver Lake DamDamN39.1684°W75.5216°216724View Map
Silver Lake DamDamN39.4379°W75.6930°216868View Map
Silver Lake DamDamN38.9112°W75.4330°216896View Map
Sunset Lake DamDamN39.6248°W75.7252°217018View Map
Swiggetts Pond DamDamN38.8690°W75.3774°216745View Map
Trap Pond DamDamN38.5279°W75.4824°217082View Map
Trussum Pond DamDamN38.5254°W75.4621°216818View Map
Tubmill Pond DamDamN38.9423°W75.4280°216880View Map
Voshell Mill Pond DamDamN39.0959°W75.5283°216969View Map
Wagamons Pond DamDamN38.7771°W75.3130°216904View Map
Waples Pond Dam (historical)DamN38.8243°W75.3080°217417View Map
Wiggins Mill Pond DamDamN39.4029°W75.7047°216869View Map
Williams Pond DamDamN38.6432°W75.6055°217418View Map
Wyoming Lake DamDamN39.1237°W75.5558°216963View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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