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State: FL - Florida
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Feature Type: Mines

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This search matched 30 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Bailey MineMineN29.4772°W82.5593°278041View Map
Bonnie MineMineN27.8653°W81.9320°301437View Map
Brooksville QuarryMineN28.5761°W82.3429°279448View Map
Burns Lake MineMineN30.6811°W85.8567°2674842View Map
Caloosahatchee Rock MineMineN26.8212°W81.3048°300158View Map
Camp QuarryMineN28.5811°W82.3181°279930View Map
Clear Springs MineMineN27.8656°W81.8137°301433View Map
Clifton MineMineN29.2319°W82.1814°2674840View Map
Columbia City MineMineN30.0419°W82.7272°2674843View Map
Gunn Farm MineMineN30.6956°W84.5417°2674901View Map
Hamburg MineMineN28.7558°W82.3554°283637View Map
Holder MineMineN28.8030°W82.3809°304691View Map
Loncall Number 14 MineMineN28.7397°W82.3162°285933View Map
Martin MineMineN29.2908°W82.1697°2674839View Map
Mayo MineMineN30.0958°W83.2200°2674844View Map
Mutual MineMineN28.7208°W82.3176°287494View Map
Old Colony MineMineN27.7217°W81.7359°294432View Map
Peace Valley MineMineN27.8003°W81.8056°301432View Map
Prairie MineMineN27.9039°W81.9876°301420View Map
Rock Pit Number 57MineN25.5546°W80.3839°293834View Map
Royster MineMineN27.8884°W81.9459°301417View Map
Sinclair MineMineN29.4750°W82.5896°294441View Map
Sixteen MineMineN28.7442°W82.3143°291195View Map
Suwannee MineMineN30.3249°W82.9790°291910View Map
Ten Cent MineMineN28.7436°W82.3081°292105View Map
Tenoroc MineMineN28.1022°W81.8740°301374View Map
Three Lakes MineMineN26.7953°W81.7794°2674841View Map
Trail Ridge MineMineN29.9119°W82.0326°292398View Map
Tscotis Sand MineMineN26.2681°W80.1650°2677546View Map
Tulley Sand MineMineN28.5086°W81.6906°2677547View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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