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State: FL - Florida
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Feature Type: Ridges

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Broadaxe RidgeRidgeN28.6139°W80.6311°279422View Map
Driggers RidgeRidgeN29.8953°W83.1414°281769View Map
Gopher RidgeRidgeN29.1950°W81.2075°283213View Map
Gopher RidgeRidgeN30.7504°W85.9520°283214View Map
Green RidgeRidgeN27.1497°W80.3828°294025View Map
Grossman RidgeRidgeN25.6243°W80.6285°283468View Map
Hickory RidgeRidgeN29.7183°W83.4842°283967View Map
Lake Wales RidgeRidgeN28.6491°W81.7331°1923025View Map
Lakeland HighlandsRidgeN27.9629°W81.9182°285296View Map
Long RidgeRidgeN30.2771°W85.0747°305985View Map
Pea RidgeRidgeN30.5991°W87.1183°288602View Map
Peach Tree RidgeRidgeN30.4680°W85.0199°288617View Map
Pleasant RidgeRidgeN30.8453°W85.9793°289075View Map
Rattlesnake RidgeRidgeN28.3321°W81.8206°289503View Map
Rattlesnake RidgeRidgeN25.6823°W80.8756°289504View Map
Rima RidgeRidgeN29.2287°W81.1825°289706View Map
Rock Reef PassRidgeN25.4346°W80.7506°289852View Map
Scrub RidgeRidgeN30.1261°W81.4604°290774View Map
Slones RidgeRidgeN28.5806°W81.9498°1738071View Map
Thrasher RidgesRidgeN28.3194°W82.0719°292241View Map
Trail RidgeRidgeN30.0746°W82.0383°292397View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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