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State: GA - Georgia
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Feature Type: Rapids

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Cherokee ShoalsRapidsN34.1204°W82.6687°352307View Map
Cunningham ShoalsRapidsN34.0346°W83.0154°335743View Map
Doogan HoleRapidsN34.7573°W84.2046°330446View Map
Fraley Shoals (historical)RapidsN33.1721°W83.2452°334774View Map
Grabel ShoalsRapidsN33.2765°W83.2293°347209View Map
Hudson Mill RapidsRapidsN32.6951°W84.9183°315791View Map
Long ShoalsRapidsN33.3887°W83.2213°348689View Map
Raven Cliff FallsRapidsN34.7187°W83.8091°330432View Map
Reeves ShoalsRapidsN32.6826°W84.1916°1705063View Map
Riley ShoalsRapidsN33.3896°W83.1868°347255View Map
Snapping ShoalsRapidsN33.4834°W83.9546°1671980View Map
Steamboat EddyRapidsN31.5919°W81.7240°323548View Map
Watson ShoalsRapidsN34.0265°W83.0740°335803View Map
Witcher ShoalsRapidsN34.0329°W83.0193°335806View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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