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State: IA - Iowa
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Feature Type: Forests

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This search matched 19 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Backbone State ForestForestN42.6405°W91.5499°454299View Map
Claybanks ForestForestN43.0930°W93.0635°1940958View Map
Deer Creek ForestForestN43.4305°W93.0460°1944548View Map
Denman WoodsForestN41.5680°W93.6633°455881View Map
Fort Atkinson State PreserveForestN43.1450°W91.9399°456682View Map
Gitchie Manitou State PreserveForestN43.4991°W96.5975°456911View Map
Hartland ForestForestN43.4861°W93.2974°1944552View Map
Holst State ForestForestN42.1175°W93.9794°457566View Map
Loess Hills State ForestForestN41.8083°W95.9170°1982093View Map
Middle River County ForestForestN41.3517°W94.2766°1823082View Map
Pilot Mound State ForestForestN42.1533°W94.0086°1823150View Map
Shimek State ForestForestN40.6100°W91.6821°461581View Map
Stephens State Forest - Cedar Creek UnitForestN41.0667°W93.1835°1970568View Map
Stephens State Forest - Chariton UnitForestN41.0639°W93.1669°1970567View Map
Stephens State Forest - Lucas UnitForestN41.0167°W93.4808°1970569View Map
Stephens State Forest - Thousand Acre UnitForestN41.1083°W93.0891°1970566View Map
Stephens State Forest - White Breast UnitForestN40.9858°W93.5130°461987View Map
Stephens State Forest - Woodburn UnitForestN41.9653°W93.5836°1969827View Map
West Oak ForestForestN41.0833°W95.8086°1968359View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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