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State: IL - Illinois
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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Burks PrairieAreaN38.3489°W88.1392°1808138View Map
Burnt PrairieAreaN38.4009°W88.1303°1808139View Map
Devils WashboardAreaN37.1015°W88.5556°407160View Map
Eagle PrairieAreaN40.1125°W90.3357°1773032View Map
English PrairieAreaN38.3528°W88.0759°1808148View Map
Frazier PrairieAreaN38.3617°W87.9786°1808151View Map
Goose Lake PrairieAreaN41.3634°W88.3056°1811051View Map
Goosenest PrairieAreaN39.3848°W88.2023°1807888View Map
High PrairieAreaN41.6889°W87.6237°1737710View Map
Lanes IslandAreaN41.6695°W87.7381°1718800View Map
Long PrairieAreaN38.3431°W88.0186°1808159View Map
Moose Range Park (historical)AreaN42.0516°W88.6326°421947View Map
Mount ForestAreaN41.7223°W87.8759°1737232View Map
Round PrairieAreaN40.2875°W90.8985°1824457View Map
Shoal Tract (historical)AreaN38.7223°W87.6953°1816197View Map
The Thousand AcresAreaN40.3020°W90.7224°1824483View Map
Tower Lake Recreation AreaAreaN38.8000°W89.9979°423381View Map
Village PrairieAreaN38.4292°W88.0828°1808176View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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