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State: IL - Illinois
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Feature Type: Bars

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This search matched 21 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Boston BarBarN37.0381°W89.2231°424662View Map
Browns BarBarN36.9951°W89.2781°424680View Map
Charcoal BarBarN40.7742°W91.0760°405978View Map
Clarke Point ShoalBarN41.7573°W87.5348°406174View Map
Clemson ShoalBarN41.8078°W87.5456°406242View Map
Cottonwood BarBarN37.0845°W88.4600°406628View Map
Dixon ShoalsBarN38.2623°W88.1189°407258View Map
Ellison BarBarN40.7700°W91.0707°407905View Map
Height ShoalsBarN38.2500°W88.1025°410031View Map
Honey Creek BarBarN40.7073°W91.0946°410479View Map
Hyde Park ShoalsBarN41.8120°W87.5512°410743View Map
Kennedy BarBarN42.1784°W90.2660°411398View Map
Madison Park ShoalBarN41.8000°W87.5578°412832View Map
Moore BarBarN40.8237°W91.0879°413775View Map
Moores TowheadBarN39.8937°W90.5710°1720435View Map
Morgan ShoalBarN41.8106°W87.5762°424546View Map
Oakland ShoalBarN41.8239°W87.5906°414906View Map
Shok BarBarN40.7481°W91.0776°418454View Map
South Park ShoalBarN41.7975°W87.5428°418811View Map
Willow BarBarN40.7228°W91.1121°421223View Map
Willow BarBarN40.8289°W91.0765°421224View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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