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State: IL - Illinois
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Feature Type: Capes

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This search matched 24 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Brooks PointCapeN37.0081°W89.3062°424675View Map
Cairo PointCapeN36.9909°W89.1651°1736134View Map
Calhoun PointCapeN38.9425°W90.5048°405358View Map
Clarke PointCapeN41.7583°W87.5417°2680989View Map
Eagle PointCapeN42.3867°W88.1943°407574View Map
Essigs PointCapeN41.1642°W87.6184°408064View Map
Farnum PointCapeN42.4184°W87.8045°408293View Map
Hayes PointCapeN42.0003°W87.6556°1772708View Map
Hermit PointCapeN38.7814°W89.2406°410097View Map
Hogan PointCapeN37.7370°W89.1345°410358View Map
Indian PointCapeN42.4161°W88.1506°410872View Map
Inspiration PointCapeN40.5625°W91.3863°410906View Map
Lippincott PointCapeN42.4011°W88.1618°412258View Map
Long View ParkCapeN37.7328°W89.1404°412623View Map
Lotus PointCapeN42.4261°W88.1676°1822016View Map
McLeans PointCapeN37.7559°W89.6629°1772216View Map
Morgan PointCapeN41.8117°W87.5875°422216View Map
O'Boyle PointCapeN42.3764°W88.1317°414743View Map
Penitentiary PointCapeN38.1084°W90.2226°1821693View Map
Pickerel PointCapeN42.3753°W88.1265°415633View Map
Pin Oak PointCapeN40.7384°W91.0954°1719551View Map
Point ComfortCapeN42.4100°W88.1731°415973View Map
Stanton PointCapeN42.4067°W88.1429°419041View Map
Whisky PointCapeN42.4439°W88.1659°421010View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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