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State: IL - Illinois
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Feature Type: Trails

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Beaver Dam Hiking and Cross-Country Ski TrailTrailN41.6425°W88.5251°1808693View Map
Beaver TrailTrailN37.6184°W88.2750°423633View Map
Beaver TrailTrailN37.6134°W88.2361°423654View Map
Beaver TrailTrailN37.5923°W88.2323°423655View Map
Chipmunk TrailTrailN38.6139°W89.3370°1810422View Map
Crabapple TrailTrailN39.8775°W90.9315°1808683View Map
Cut Off TrailTrailN40.4575°W90.7996°1824345View Map
Deer Run Hiking TrailTrailN40.4431°W89.8934°1811109View Map
Deer Run TrailTrailN39.8928°W90.9210°1808684View Map
Fox Ridge Nature TrailTrailN41.6298°W88.5251°1808708View Map
Fox River TrailTrailN42.3095°W88.2409°1808377View Map
Hickory Ridge TrailTrailN37.4709°W88.1528°1808767View Map
Hoot Owl TrailTrailN39.8862°W90.9101°2040033View Map
Illinois and Michigan Canal State TrailTrailN41.6806°W87.9851°425667View Map
Lake Defiance Nature TrailTrailN42.3222°W88.2287°1808418View Map
Lake Defiance TrailTrailN42.3147°W88.2320°1808419View Map
Lake Side Foot TrailTrailN39.0159°W88.1150°1815650View Map
Leather Leaf Bog TrailTrailN42.3256°W88.2409°1808426View Map
Lincoln Heritage TrailTrailN39.4134°W87.7270°412118View Map
Litle Prairie Nature TrailTrailN38.6181°W89.3573°1810442View Map
Locust Lane Nature TrailTrailN40.5453°W91.3793°1812499View Map
Old Village TrailTrailN39.8903°W90.9204°1808687View Map
Opossum Trot TrailTrailN37.2925°W89.2979°415149View Map
Pine Ridge Nature TrailTrailN42.4472°W90.0510°1815793View Map
Prairie Bluff TrailTrailN39.8770°W90.9360°1808689View Map
Prairie View Equestrian TrailTrailN41.6300°W88.5320°1808733View Map
Primrose Nature TrailTrailN42.4497°W90.0554°1815797View Map
Ramsey Hills Nature TrailTrailN39.1525°W89.1362°1773103View Map
Red Oak Backpack TrailTrailN39.8806°W90.9168°2040038View Map
River Route Nature TrailTrailN42.4453°W90.0548°1815799View Map
River to River TrailTrailN37.6028°W88.3870°423622View Map
River to River TrailTrailN37.6078°W88.3850°423623View Map
River to River TrailTrailN37.5309°W88.5578°423630View Map
River to River TrailTrailN37.5856°W88.2650°423640View Map
River to River TrailTrailN37.5823°W88.2411°423650View Map
River to River TrailTrailN37.4798°W88.6784°424138View Map
Shore to Shore Horse TrailTrailN37.6034°W88.2600°425995View Map
Sunset Nature TrailTrailN42.4481°W90.0568°1815810View Map
Tallgrass Nature TrailTrailN41.3589°W88.3112°1811087View Map
Tamarack View TrailTrailN42.3528°W88.1812°1822065View Map
Touch the Earth TrailTrailN41.7481°W88.8668°1807865View Map
Tower Rock Nature TrailTrailN42.4456°W90.0537°1815813View Map
Volo Bog Interpretive TrailTrailN42.3509°W88.1876°1822075View Map
Wa-bo-kie-shier Nature TrailTrailN41.6714°W89.9257°1824120View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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