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State: IN - Indiana
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Feature Type: Reserve

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Chapine ReserveReserveN41.1667°W85.3764°446646View Map
Charles C Deam WildernessReserveN39.0354°W86.3534°451825View Map
Charles C. Deam WildernessReserveN39.0367°W86.3517°2035083View Map
Luke Decker ClaimReserveN38.4459°W87.6000°446745View Map
Reserve Number ElevenReserveN40.7709°W85.9125°446940View Map
Reserve Number FifteenReserveN40.8084°W85.7769°446933View Map
Reserve Number Fifty-fiveReserveN40.7853°W85.8603°446938View Map
Reserve Number FourReserveN40.6584°W85.7958°446930View Map
Reserve Number FourteenReserveN40.8187°W85.7458°446932View Map
Reserve Number NineteenReserveN40.7834°W85.8055°446936View Map
Reserve Number SeventeenReserveN40.8000°W85.8014°446935View Map
Reserve Number SixteenReserveN40.8062°W85.7853°446934View Map
Reserve Number ThirteenReserveN40.7792°W85.8875°446939View Map
Reserve Number ThreeReserveN40.6584°W85.7791°446929View Map
Reserve Number TwelveReserveN40.7667°W85.9333°446941View Map
Reserve Number Twenty-sixReserveN40.6959°W85.9061°446931View Map
Reserve Number Twenty-threeReserveN40.7775°W85.8394°446937View Map
Reserve Number TwoReserveN40.6584°W85.7666°446928View Map
Scout Ridge Nature ReserveReserveN39.3320°W86.4161°450332View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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