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State: KS - Kansas
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Feature Type: Canals

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Alamo DitchCanalN38.0083°W101.8657°485275View Map
Amazon DitchCanalN37.9778°W101.2393°485280View Map
Amity CanalCanalN38.1061°W101.9271°485252View Map
Cedar Bluff CanalCanalN38.8014°W99.6143°475275View Map
Courtland CanalCanalN39.8639°W97.9837°471886View Map
Courtland West CanalCanalN39.7778°W97.9064°472821View Map
Cowskin Creek CutoffCanalN37.4578°W97.2703°470237View Map
Farmers DitchCanalN38.0111°W100.9477°471604View Map
Fort Aubrey DitchCanalN37.9736°W101.7152°471584View Map
Frontier DitchCanalN38.0317°W101.9438°485266View Map
Great Eastern DitchCanalN38.0334°W101.0643°471598View Map
Happy DitchCanalN37.0500°W101.9004°485091View Map
Kirwin Main CanalCanalN39.6667°W98.9198°472051View Map
Koen CanalCanalN38.4195°W98.8143°475643View Map
Lewis and Clark ViaductCanalN39.1142°W94.6141°479019View Map
Martin DitchCanalN37.9242°W101.2288°471599View Map
Mill RaceCanalN37.2939°W97.1589°470134View Map
Miller CanalCanalN39.8678°W97.8809°472581View Map
North CanalCanalN39.9578°W97.9170°472575View Map
Osborne CanalCanalN39.4811°W98.9170°480282View Map
Rattlesnake CanalCanalN38.1778°W98.5101°475882View Map
Southside DitchCanalN37.9084°W101.2477°471589View Map
Spogie DitchCanalN38.0409°W95.5764°478103View Map
West CanalCanalN38.1586°W98.5059°475883View Map
White Rock CanalCanalN39.9047°W97.9009°472580View Map
White Rock Extension CanalCanalN39.8556°W97.8253°472582View Map
Wichita-Valley Center FloodwayCanalN37.5517°W97.2859°473866View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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