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State: KY - Kentucky
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Feature Type: Bays

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This search matched 30 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Barnett BayBayN36.7862°W88.1123°486390View Map
Carmack BayBayN37.0120°W88.1284°488938View Map
Champion Springs CoveBayN37.0367°W88.1417°489325View Map
Clay BayBayN37.0128°W88.0689°489566View Map
Crab BayBayN36.9923°W88.1361°490238View Map
Cravens BayBayN36.9584°W88.0500°490299View Map
Crooked Creek BayBayN36.8606°W88.0042°490383View Map
Davenport BayBayN37.0312°W88.1181°490615View Map
Demumbers BayBayN36.9834°W88.1536°490806View Map
Devils ElbowBayN36.7934°W87.9884°490840View Map
Double CreekBayN37.0151°W88.2289°491041View Map
Duncan BayBayN36.8889°W88.1417°507342View Map
Elbow BayBayN36.7912°W87.9959°491608View Map
Fords BayBayN36.7206°W87.9828°492312View Map
Higgins BayBayN36.8395°W88.1264°494167View Map
Honker BayBayN36.9251°W88.0272°494487View Map
Jake Fork BayBayN36.8839°W88.0097°495148View Map
Mammoth Furnace BayBayN36.9834°W88.0625°497481View Map
Molloy BayBayN36.9514°W88.0425°498473View Map
Pisgah BayBayN36.9348°W88.1703°500761View Map
Pond BayBayN36.8278°W87.9914°501027View Map
Pryor BayBayN36.6812°W87.9500°501397View Map
Rhodes BayBayN36.8228°W88.1195°501756View Map
Shaw BayBayN36.8562°W87.9986°503270View Map
Smith BayBayN36.9039°W88.1511°503724View Map
Sugar BayBayN36.8606°W88.1364°504629View Map
Turkey BayBayN36.7417°W88.0903°505579View Map
Vickers BayBayN36.8001°W88.1111°506038View Map
Whiskey BayBayN37.0533°W87.0339°2574384View Map
Willow BayBayN36.9792°W88.1742°506856View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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