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State: KY - Kentucky
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Feature Type: Tunnels

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This search matched 25 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Aden TunnelTunnelN38.2790°W83.0567°2337375View Map
Big TunnelTunnelN38.3917°W83.9202°487285View Map
Boone Tunnel (historical)TunnelN37.8616°W84.7019°2557988View Map
Campbell TunnelTunnelN37.3095°W83.3018°511170View Map
Chenowee TunnelTunnelN37.5420°W83.4693°489389View Map
Grants TunnelTunnelN38.9625°W84.4513°2557828View Map
Line TunnelTunnelN37.3637°W83.3618°513439View Map
Means TunnelTunnelN38.2848°W82.8407°498008View Map
Mud TunnelTunnelN37.5565°W83.5727°499021View Map
Nada TunnelTunnelN37.8170°W83.6810°514177View Map
Natural TunnelTunnelN36.7451°W85.5511°499188View Map
O and K TunnelTunnelN37.5618°W83.4024°499640View Map
Pine Mountain TunnelTunnelN37.1565°W82.6310°500716View Map
Pond Creek TunnelTunnelN37.6409°W82.2590°501048View Map
Pool Point TunnelTunnelN37.2946°W82.3257°501068View Map
Poppin Rock TunnelTunnelN38.0481°W83.3980°514722View Map
Triplet TunnelTunnelN38.2546°W83.3136°2337374View Map
Tunnel Number 6TunnelN37.2454°W84.2083°517298View Map
Tunnel Number 7TunnelN37.2348°W84.1769°517299View Map
Tunnel Number 8TunnelN37.2312°W84.1649°517300View Map
Tunnel Number 9TunnelN37.2137°W84.1380°517301View Map
Tyler TunnelTunnelN37.5656°W83.6138°505741View Map
Typo TunnelTunnelN37.2745°W83.2616°516092View Map
Wagonroad TunnelTunnelN36.7312°W83.2199°506104View Map
Yerkes TunnelTunnelN37.2851°W83.3060°516509View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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