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State: MA - Massachusetts
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Feature Type: Reserve

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This search matched 22 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Ayer State Game AreaReserveN42.5798°W71.5953°606587View Map
Blue Hills ReservationReserveN42.2112°W71.1278°602793View Map
Chalet Wildlife Management AreaReserveN42.5126°W73.1190°606510View Map
Eugene D Moran Wildlife Management AreaReserveN42.5251°W73.0662°606506View Map
Fisk Meadow State Wildlife Management AreaReserveN42.3973°W72.8293°618505View Map
Goldthwait ReservationReserveN42.4907°W70.8587°1979333View Map
High Plain ReservationReserveN42.6668°W71.2028°602965View Map
Hinsdale Flats Wildlife Management AreaReserveN42.4104°W73.1079°606515View Map
Indian Ridge ReservationReserveN42.6531°W71.1542°602963View Map
Monomoy WildernessReserveN41.6027°W69.9858°2035572View Map
Montague State Wildlife Management AreaReserveN42.5631°W72.5334°606623View Map
Nissitissit Wildlife Management AreaReserveN42.6968°W71.6051°606557View Map
Notchview ReservationReserveN42.5037°W73.0279°605986View Map
Peru Wildlife Management AreaReserveN42.4479°W73.0245°606513View Map
Phillipston Wildlife Management AreaReserveN42.5195°W72.1329°606541View Map
Poland Brook State Wildlife Management AreaReserveN42.4937°W72.7451°618506View Map
Popple Camp State Wildlife Management AreaReserveN42.5251°W72.1515°606542View Map
Savoy Wildlife Management AreaReserveN42.5631°W73.0704°606507View Map
Shawnsheen River ReservationReserveN42.6426°W71.1498°602962View Map
Squannacook River Wildlife Management AreaReserveN42.6215°W71.6495°606579View Map
Vale ReservationReserveN42.6345°W71.1587°602964View Map
Watuppa ReserveReserveN41.7001°W71.1248°598967View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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