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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Bare Hills BarrensAreaN39.3864°W76.6529°2788099View Map
Big LevelsAreaN38.1043°W75.1996°1853970View Map
Caulks FieldAreaN39.2073°W76.1969°594204View Map
Cherry Hill BarrensAreaN39.6406°W76.3630°2788100View Map
Dellinger Wide WaterAreaN39.5201°W77.8422°1713880View Map
Devils ReachAreaN39.1782°W76.0555°584100View Map
Marsden TractAreaN38.9771°W77.2178°1713185View Map
Old GroundAreaN38.1240°W76.0127°596861View Map
Paw Paw BendsAreaN39.5520°W78.4389°1713550View Map
Penny Come Quick AreaAreaN39.4101°W76.1905°586466View Map
Pilot BarrensAreaN39.7031°W76.1901°2788101View Map
Poverty Island AreaAreaN39.4048°W76.2186°586693View Map
Saint Elizabeths FarmAreaN38.8059°W77.0103°598013View Map
Seneca BreaksAreaN39.0598°W77.3225°1712900View Map
Seven LocksAreaN38.9723°W77.1705°1713222View Map
Six LocksAreaN38.9946°W77.2455°1713074View Map
The Irish GroveAreaN37.9779°W75.7302°596823View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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