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State: MI - Michigan
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Feature Type: Cliffs

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Burnt BluffCliffN45.6858°W86.7110°622307View Map
Elberta BluffsCliffN44.6275°W86.2407°2025462View Map
Empire BluffsCliffN44.8003°W86.0720°625589View Map
Garden BluffCliffN45.7814°W86.6301°1619996View Map
Jacks BluffCliffN45.8530°W86.5254°1620345View Map
Last BluffCliffN46.4988°W87.6779°630179View Map
Louis HillCliffN47.2274°W88.4015°631128View Map
Manitou Payment HighbanksCliffN46.0256°W85.0712°631392View Map
Middle BluffCliffN45.7278°W86.6621°632228View Map
Migisy BluffCliffN46.4972°W87.3918°632294View Map
Oak BluffCliffN46.7247°W89.2729°1621081View Map
Pictured RocksCliffN46.5333°W86.4882°1621233View Map
South BluffCliffN46.7252°W89.1724°1621677View Map
The BluffCliffN46.4461°W88.9663°1621890View Map
The BluffsCliffN42.5698°W83.6874°1614708View Map
The High BanksCliffN42.8470°W83.4233°1614713View Map
The PalisadesCliffN48.1882°W88.4295°1614719View Map
West BluffCliffN47.4646°W87.9451°1616019View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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