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State: MI - Michigan
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Feature Type: Ridges

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Birch HillRidgeN46.0380°W84.2268°621401View Map
Blue RidgeRidgeN42.1570°W84.3589°621646View Map
Cliff RangeRidgeN47.3603°W88.3321°623461View Map
Coyote RidgeRidgeN47.8637°W89.0718°623941View Map
Door-Leelanau RidgeRidgeN44.8533°W86.6384°1848433View Map
East BluffRidgeN47.4460°W87.7939°625119View Map
Feldtmann RidgeRidgeN47.8610°W89.0923°625871View Map
Greenstone RidgeRidgeN47.9944°W88.9149°1618275View Map
Houghton RidgeRidgeN47.8856°W88.9533°628672View Map
Hungry HillRidgeN46.0153°W84.2192°628813View Map
Minong RidgeRidgeN48.0180°W88.9040°1617387View Map
Piney RidgeRidgeN44.0222°W86.4778°2106890View Map
Red Oak RidgeRidgeN47.9264°W89.0418°1617393View Map
Rocky RidgeRidgeN47.4523°W87.9471°636103View Map
Sharon Short HillsRidgeN42.2097°W84.0706°637666View Map
Stanley RidgeRidgeN48.1027°W88.6841°1618311View Map
Two Rivers RidgeRidgeN44.1553°W87.0265°1848436View Map
Vosges RidgeRidgeN44.6049°W84.8461°1615629View Map
Walnut RidgeRidgeN42.2073°W85.2780°1615733View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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