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State: MO - Missouri
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Feature Type: Arches

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Anvil Rock ArchArchN38.3939°W91.9922°2680496View Map
Ash Cave Natural ArchArchN36.7269°W93.8461°2680486View Map
Bat Cave ArchArchN38.3211°W92.2922°2680494View Map
Cassville Natural BridgeArchN36.6189°W93.7817°751263View Map
Cliffdale Hollow Natural BridgeArchN38.1669°W90.3494°2680491View Map
Clifty Creek Natural BridgeArchN38.0367°W91.9758°723130View Map
Dry Sac ArchArchN37.2786°W93.3028°2680472View Map
DuChien Cave Natural BridgeArchN39.4414°W91.3008°738882View Map
Grand Gulf Natural BridgeArchN36.5447°W91.6453°1679014View Map
Gravois Mills Natural BridgeArchN38.3386°W92.8631°2680473View Map
Hahatonka Natural BridgeArchN37.9742°W92.7633°739029View Map
Haynie Branch Natural BridgesArchN37.8547°W93.7536°2680492View Map
Henley Natural ArchArchN38.3408°W92.2956°2680485View Map
Hootentown Natural ArchArchN36.9247°W93.3928°2680470View Map
Kaintuck Hollow Natural BridgeArchN37.8472°W91.9197°2680507View Map
Lost Hill Natural ArchArchN37.2792°W93.3028°2680471View Map
Namesake Natural Bridge (historical)ArchN38.6567°W90.2056°2680502View Map
Needles Eye Natural ArchArchN37.2844°W92.4281°2680490View Map
Paddy Creek Natural ArchArchN37.5594°W92.0472°2680495View Map
Pickle Springs Double ArchArchN37.8033°W90.2978°2680498View Map
Pinnacles Bluff ArchArchN37.9917°W91.5561°2680508View Map
Roche Percée Natural ArchArchN38.8553°W92.4235°2025284View Map
Rock BridgeArchN38.8725°W92.3260°755380View Map
Round Spring Natural BridgeArchN37.2825°W91.4076°1679013View Map
Sandy Creek Natural BridgeArchN39.1931°W91.1058°735351View Map
Selmore Natural ArchArchN36.9828°W93.2144°2680499View Map
St Clair Natural Bridge (historical)ArchUnknownUnknown731413
St James Natural BridgeArchN37.9811°W91.5750°755334View Map
Sweden Fork Natural BridgeArchN36.8656°W92.5003°2680500View Map
The Emerald GrottoArchN37.3583°W91.3708°2680497View Map
Turner Natural BridgeArchN37.3764°W91.2074°755435View Map
Unity Village Natural BridgeArchN38.9467°W94.4000°2680469View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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