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State: MO - Missouri
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Feature Type: Bars

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Baptizing HoleBarN37.0539°W91.6343°737935View Map
Billings BarBarN37.0914°W89.3826°739926View Map
Collins ShoalsBarN38.0473°W94.2005°739504View Map
Cow BarBarN37.8973°W89.9664°716402View Map
Dorena TowheadBarN36.5798°W89.2698°716989View Map
Grandma RocksBarN37.1303°W91.4843°736243View Map
Island Number Twenty BarBarN36.0223°W89.7023°1643404View Map
Jackson BarBarN36.7370°W90.3743°739577View Map
Liberty BarBarN37.7834°W89.6704°739939View Map
Lower ShoalsBarN36.7101°W90.1482°721647View Map
Marr Field BarBarN36.4334°W89.5501°736018View Map
Mary Deckard ShoalsBarN36.7751°W91.2810°753624View Map
Medley BarBarN36.6398°W89.1942°722195View Map
Middle ShoalsBarN36.7173°W90.1515°722289View Map
Sandy Hook BarBarN36.2526°W89.6831°726043View Map
Stewart BarBarN36.3573°W89.6062°727092View Map
Upper ShoalsBarN36.7226°W90.1570°728078View Map
Virgin ShoalsBarN36.7057°W93.5100°2646761View Map
Watermelon ShoalBarN37.0684°W91.0579°737931View Map
Whites Bar (historical)BarN38.9020°W90.8046°735442View Map
Wildcat ShoalBarN37.7331°W92.0452°752896View Map
Willow BarBarN39.2903°W90.7776°728918View Map
Willow BarBarN40.3200°W91.4763°735919View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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