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State: MO - Missouri
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Feature Type: Channels

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This search matched 24 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
A Quiet PoolChannelN37.1209°W91.0587°737930View Map
Allison CutChannelUnknownUnknown731105
Baltimore Island ChuteChannelN39.2458°W93.6328°2109519View Map
Big Solution HoleChannelN37.3464°W91.4813°736228View Map
Chute of Island Number 14ChannelN36.2653°W89.5615°755028View Map
Colemans Failure ChuteChannelN36.9312°W90.9360°737934View Map
Dodds CrossingChannelUnknownUnknown731796
Duck Roost CutoffChannelN36.6037°W90.3187°739592View Map
Easy StreetChannelN37.0337°W91.0537°737933View Map
Fish Trap HoleChannelN37.1317°W91.4829°736244View Map
Gilpins CutChannelUnknownUnknown754616
Hotchkiss BendChannelN36.5501°W89.4629°737962View Map
Jones CutoffChannelN37.7951°W89.7165°739937View Map
Mason ChuteChannelN38.9550°W90.4484°755671View Map
Muck Forty HoleChannelN37.0467°W91.6243°737936View Map
Ramsey Creek Diversion ChannelChannelN37.2262°W89.5437°725094View Map
Sals Creek Diversion ChannelChannelN37.2092°W89.5829°725964View Map
Stovall CutChannelUnknownUnknown731267
Tan Vat HoleChannelN37.4498°W91.6601°737929View Map
The Fish TrapChannelN37.4548°W90.4676°753574View Map
The NarrowsChannelN37.5451°W90.3421°738111View Map
Tie Broom StretchChannelN36.9923°W91.0179°753142View Map
Tunnel CutChannelUnknownUnknown731278
Waymeyer ChuteChannelN37.0556°W91.0526°737932View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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