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State: MO - Missouri
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Feature Type: Flats

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This search matched 28 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Bell FlatsFlatN37.1462°W91.6493°713908View Map
Berger BottomFlatN38.6578°W91.6414°730562View Map
Black Land BottomFlatN37.2578°W89.5425°714295View Map
Black Oak FlatFlatN37.6720°W90.4562°757941View Map
Bois BruleFlatN37.8828°W89.8406°736417View Map
Bois Brule BottomFlatN37.9634°W90.0165°738181View Map
Brazeau BottomsFlatN37.6736°W89.5244°736428View Map
Common Fields (historical)FlatUnknownUnknown757305
Coopers BottomsFlatUnknownUnknown731348
Cox FlatFlatN37.4676°W90.3498°753519View Map
Doolens PastureFlatN36.6401°W90.3057°735304View Map
Fancy BottomFlatN39.4406°W94.9553°739779View Map
French BottomFlatN39.1158°W94.5727°734358View Map
Gobbler BottomFlatUnknownUnknown734496
Grey Horse Lake (historical)FlatN36.3365°W89.9151°737945View Map
Hanes FlatFlatN37.9750°W92.8605°738274View Map
Hickory FlatFlatN37.0231°W91.6357°719452View Map
Lower BottomFlatUnknownUnknown739755
Music FieldFlatUnknownUnknown730929
Pinckney BottomsFlatUnknownUnknown730940
Point Prairie LandsFlatUnknownUnknown757379
Pond BottomFlatUnknownUnknown731430
Post Oak FlatsFlatN37.6848°W91.2927°753243View Map
Prairie Haute Common Fields (historical)FlatUnknownUnknown757382
Simms FlatFlatN37.8034°W91.2415°752169View Map
SunshineFlatN39.1667°W93.9583°739637View Map
The Lords BottomFlatN40.1681°W92.1919°732573View Map
Wyaconda BottomsFlatUnknownUnknown732114

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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