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State: MO - Missouri
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Feature Type: Gaps

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Carr Low GapGapN36.6351°W93.5466°749223View Map
Doe GapGapN37.5231°W90.4693°753211View Map
Ketcherside GapGapN37.5114°W90.6593°750595View Map
Lizzs CutGapUnknownUnknown758043
Lon Sanders CanyonGapN37.1804°W90.6856°750828View Map
Low GapGapN36.6751°W92.1132°750872View Map
Low GapGapN37.2600°W91.3157°750873View Map
Low GapGapN37.5756°W91.1685°750874View Map
Low GapGapN37.8918°W92.0988°750875View Map
Low GapGapN36.5395°W94.4385°721625View Map
Low GapGapN36.8223°W92.3913°721626View Map
Low GapGapN37.8070°W92.8630°721627View Map
Low GapGapN38.0511°W91.9098°721628View Map
Low GapGapN38.0704°W92.5812°721629View Map
Low GapGapN39.5500°W93.6960°721630View Map
Low GapGapN37.0937°W91.5732°721631View Map
Moccasin GapGapN36.5871°W93.6837°751137View Map
Persimmon GapGapN38.2298°W91.1049°730661View Map
Pig Pen GapGapN37.4919°W90.4252°738450View Map
Royal GorgeGapN37.5417°W90.6826°751976View Map
Salt Lick GapGapN36.7124°W94.3567°725976View Map
Slate GapGapN36.5390°W94.2664°726529View Map
The FlatwoodsGapN37.6365°W90.4135°727551View Map
The NarrowsGapN37.3187°W92.0068°735882View Map
The NarrowsGapN39.5843°W91.9241°727562View Map
The NarrowsGapN37.8712°W92.2658°752520View Map
The NarrowsGapN38.0078°W91.1985°752521View Map
Thorny GapGapN37.1431°W91.2418°727618View Map
Wagon Wheel GapGapN37.6112°W90.5685°752726View Map
Wolfpen GapGapN36.5760°W93.7566°752961View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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