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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Berryman TrailTrailN37.9309°W91.0712°748798View Map
Big Piney National Scenic TrailTrailN37.6373°W92.0460°754062View Map
Big Piney TrailTrailN37.5470°W92.0746°754079View Map
Blossom Rock TrailTrailN37.7953°W91.8324°754087View Map
Blue Ridge TrailTrailN36.8551°W91.4126°754003View Map
Boardwalk Nature TrailTrailN36.9706°W90.1470°736220View Map
Boones Lick Road (historical)TrailUnknownUnknown744189
Cedar Bluff TrailTrailN37.8031°W91.8379°754089View Map
Cedar Creek Hiking TrailTrailN38.7511°W92.1927°754407View Map
Cole Creek Horse TrailTrailN37.6745°W92.3654°753973View Map
Crane Lake TrailTrailN37.4189°W90.6173°753933View Map
Hickory Bluff TrailTrailN39.5231°W91.6654°759440View Map
John J Audubon TrailTrailN37.7142°W90.1762°754038View Map
Johnson Natural Area Backpack TrailTrailN37.0934°W90.4379°754158View Map
Jones SpurTrailN40.3581°W92.6877°744473View Map
Kaintuck TrailTrailN37.8434°W91.9257°753976View Map
Lake TrailTrailN36.6862°W93.6016°755466View Map
Lake Vista TrailTrailN39.0014°W94.3139°2426775View Map
Lick Creek TrailTrailN39.5056°W91.6582°759444View Map
Lost Creek Nature TrailTrailN36.9867°W90.3326°754160View Map
Manley Uplands TrailTrailN37.0994°W93.4058°2071901View Map
Paddy Creek TrailTrailN37.5559°W92.0493°754078View Map
Pine Ridge Nature TrailTrailN36.9237°W90.2829°754159View Map
Piney Creek TrailTrailN36.6834°W93.6080°754066View Map
Ridge Runner NR TrailTrailN36.8209°W92.0746°754045View Map
Siloam Spring TrailTrailN36.6740°W93.6105°753955View Map
Silver Mine TrailTrailN37.5578°W90.4415°753939View Map
Slabtown Bluff TrailTrailN37.5562°W92.0299°754076View Map
Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge Habitat TrailTrailN39.6320°W93.2352°736077View Map
Tap Kiln TrailTrailN36.6776°W93.5977°753956View Map
Taum Sauk TrailTrailN37.6034°W90.6737°752502View Map
Tower TrailTrailN36.6934°W93.6135°753954View Map
Trace Creek TrailTrailN37.7773°W90.9693°754379View Map
Wagon TraceTrailN37.3634°W91.5426°754409View Map
Waltons SpurTrailUnknownUnknown745755
Woods TrailTrailN36.6776°W93.6402°754018View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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