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State: MT - Montana
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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
1967 Huckleberry FireburnAreaN48.5897°W114.1615°794255View Map
Big MeadowsAreaN47.8869°W114.3801°778786View Map
Big PrairieAreaN47.7752°W115.0213°794830View Map
Big PrairieAreaN47.4886°W113.2226°779858View Map
Blocker FieldAreaN45.5947°W104.1155°799548View Map
Cedar Creek Alluvial FanAreaN45.3144°W111.6375°781103View Map
Devils PlaygroundAreaN45.0363°W108.2171°770628View Map
Gould DiggingsAreaN46.4341°W112.2486°800868View Map
Lonesome PrairieAreaN48.2083°W110.3341°806839View Map
Medicine RocksAreaN46.0444°W104.4713°1688692View Map
Memorial Rose GardenAreaN46.8494°W114.0171°1781210View Map
Milk River BadlandsAreaN48.5833°W109.7758°774214View Map
Pettapiece BadlandAreaN47.2691°W111.3233°775186View Map
Pole PatchAreaN45.0583°W111.8939°793718View Map
Red Creek Oil FieldAreaN48.9847°W112.1751°775632View Map
Sand Arroyo BadlandsAreaN47.8189°W106.1995°776158View Map
Shaw ShedsAreaN48.2680°W113.4520°794212View Map
The BadlandsAreaN47.3647°W110.2288°777489View Map
The ReefsAreaN46.3716°W110.5430°792050View Map
Three ForksAreaN48.4628°W106.2909°799958View Map
Yellowstone PlateauAreaN45.2933°W113.0106°1877613View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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