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State: MT - Montana
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Feature Type: Forests

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Beaverhead National ForestForestN45.5708°W113.0725°793844View Map
Bitterroot National ForestForestN45.9312°W114.2967°1803465View Map
Clearwater State ForestForestN46.9330°W113.4076°781368View Map
Coal Creek State ForestForestN48.6936°W114.2924°781448View Map
Custer National ForestForestN45.2299°W109.7370°1851864View Map
Custer National Forest - Ashland DivisionForestN45.4911°W106.0603°800083View Map
Custer National Forest - Beartooth DivisionForestN45.0930°W109.3396°800085View Map
Custer National Forest - Sioux DivisionForestN45.6472°W104.0583°800084View Map
Deerlodge National ForestForestN46.1084°W113.3572°767939View Map
Flathead National ForestForestN48.0286°W113.8054°793847View Map
Gallatin National ForestForestN45.2912°W110.2549°793840View Map
Gallatin Petrified ForestForestN45.1194°W111.1022°783813View Map
Helena National ForestForestN46.8293°W112.5072°801734View Map
Kaniksu National ForestForestN47.9400°W115.9173°1803463View Map
Kootenai National ForestForestN48.5415°W115.4310°1813125View Map
Lewis and Clark National ForestForestN46.8746°W110.6717°793841View Map
Lewis and Clark National Forest - Jefferson DivisionForestN46.9166°W110.6341°1851866View Map
Lewis and Clark National Forest - Rocky Mountain DivisionForestN47.9333°W112.8342°1803464View Map
Lincoln State ForestForestN46.9333°W112.6898°1789600View Map
Lolo National ForestForestN47.1568°W114.4462°801797View Map
Lubrecht State Experimental ForestForestN46.8916°W113.4342°1781219View Map
Stillwater State ForestForestN48.6711°W114.5824°791526View Map
Sula State ForestForestN45.9499°W113.9592°1803032View Map
Swan River State ForestForestN47.7688°W113.8929°791790View Map
Thompson River State ForestForestN47.6988°W114.9746°792106View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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