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State: MT - Montana
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Feature Type: Plains

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This search matched 23 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Buffalo PlateauPlainN45.0064°W110.3277°800506View Map
Butler TablePlainN47.5410°W104.6883°769441View Map
East Boulder PlateauPlainN45.4277°W110.1235°782781View Map
East Rosebud PlateauPlainN45.1688°W109.6057°782951View Map
Fairview PlateauPlainN47.4780°W112.7823°800771View Map
Fishtail PlateauPlainN45.2969°W109.7341°783465View Map
Ford Creek PlateauPlainN47.4513°W112.7512°798866View Map
Hellroaring PlateauPlainN45.0588°W109.4768°784743View Map
Lake PlateauPlainN45.2760°W110.1116°785923View Map
Line Creek PlateauPlainN45.0286°W109.3557°786179View Map
Madison PlateauPlainN44.6166°W111.0174°767999View Map
Madison PlateauPlainN45.6984°W111.4333°801118View Map
McCone HeightsPlainN47.5980°W104.5868°773980View Map
Moose Creek PlateauPlainN44.4983°W111.1183°787645View Map
Occidental PlateauPlainN46.3791°W112.1936°788383View Map
Red Lodge Creek PlateauPlainN45.2022°W109.5418°789459View Map
Red Rock PlateauPlainN45.1319°W110.4293°806996View Map
Silver Run PlateauPlainN45.1188°W109.4946°790532View Map
Stillwater PlateauPlainN45.3202°W109.8371°791522View Map
Taintor DesertPlainN45.3036°W106.8534°777407View Map
The Golf CoursePlainN45.3602°W109.8235°806099View Map
West Boulder PlateauPlainN45.4352°W110.3138°792952View Map
Wilson DesertPlainN48.1674°W109.0921°778570View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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