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State: NE - Nebraska
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Feature Type: Bays

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This search matched 23 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Arthur BayBayN41.2492°W101.7266°827063View Map
Bass BayBayN40.7042°W99.8693°1874905View Map
Bone CoveBayN40.0372°W99.2576°827557View Map
Bricks BayBayN41.4456°W96.5511°1892719View Map
Buckshot BayBayN41.8361°W99.2323°1847562View Map
Cedar BayBayN42.5994°W100.8974°835784View Map
Cottonwood CoveBayN41.4489°W96.5614°1892721View Map
Dry BayBayN40.7064°W99.8721°1874904View Map
Gremlin CoveBayN40.0858°W99.2179°829694View Map
Mallard CoveBayN40.6931°W99.8685°1874053View Map
Martin BayBayN41.2458°W101.6877°831067View Map
Methodist CoveBayN40.0870°W99.3159°831245View Map
No Name BayBayN41.2505°W101.7074°1836218View Map
North CoveBayN40.7150°W99.8629°1874902View Map
North CoveBayN40.0739°W99.2756°831680View Map
Northeast BayBayN40.7028°W99.8448°1874899View Map
Patterson HarborBayN40.0433°W99.2337°831994View Map
Perch BayBayN40.7097°W99.8518°1874900View Map
Sandpiper CoveBayN41.2786°W95.8967°834991View Map
Shaughnessy BayBayN41.3389°W98.9087°1849749View Map
South BayBayN40.6800°W99.8568°1874051View Map
Spillway BayBayN41.2069°W101.6727°1836214View Map
Tipover CoveBayN40.0786°W99.2962°834120View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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