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State: NH - New Hampshire
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Feature Type: Flats

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This search matched 18 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Bettys MeadowsFlatN43.1931°W71.2120°873280View Map
Bigelow LawnFlatN44.2624°W71.3069°2749834View Map
Boggy MeadowsFlatN43.0492°W72.4573°865706View Map
Canoe MeadowFlatN42.9556°W72.5215°865987View Map
Cole PlainFlatN44.2317°W71.9120°871716View Map
Concord PlainsFlatN43.2245°W71.5053°866298View Map
CorkplainFlatN43.0712°W71.9087°866342View Map
Cummings MeadowFlatN42.8259°W72.0965°866434View Map
Great MeadowFlatN43.2190°W72.4320°867219View Map
Hines MeadowFlatN42.8667°W72.3831°867511View Map
Horse MeadowFlatN44.1001°W72.0479°867616View Map
Lover MeadowFlatN43.1890°W72.4423°868190View Map
Lower MeadowsFlatN43.6406°W72.2820°868201View Map
Mallego PlainsFlatN43.2098°W70.9545°868242View Map
Newmarket PlainsFlatN43.0773°W70.9812°868731View Map
Spender MeadowFlatN43.3292°W71.5301°873187View Map
The PlainFlatN44.1477°W71.9630°872793View Map
The PlainsFlatN43.8048°W71.6620°872794View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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