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State: NM - New Mexico
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Feature Type: Bridges

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Alameda BridgeBridgeN35.1975°W106.6422°928855View Map
Apache Canyon Railroad Bridge Historic SiteBridgeN35.4814°W105.8797°933552View Map
Barelas BridgeBridgeN35.0698°W106.6600°928875View Map
Berino BridgeBridgeN32.0657°W106.6633°928881View Map
Bob Crosby BridgeBridgeN33.5720°W104.3739°928884View Map
Bridge of the Hidalgos Historic SiteBridgeN35.6870°W105.9378°933518View Map
Cotton City Community BridgeBridgeN32.1309°W108.8792°928905View Map
Dunn BridgeBridgeN36.5350°W105.7086°928921View Map
Gallegos BridgeBridgeN35.2911°W107.2837°928943View Map
Glen Woody BridgeBridgeN36.2461°W105.8253°928949View Map
McLaughlin BridgeBridgeN36.7025°W103.3094°928988View Map
Mexican Canyon Railroad Trestle Historic SiteBridgeN32.9573°W105.7425°934387View Map
Old Town BridgeBridgeN35.0892°W106.6803°929006View Map
Otowi BridgeBridgeN35.8747°W106.1414°937188View Map
Pecos River BridgeBridgeN33.1973°W104.3730°935835View Map
Picacho BridgeBridgeN32.3106°W106.8281°929011View Map
Pipeline BridgeBridgeN32.0665°W106.6631°929012View Map
Puerto BridgeBridgeN35.2739°W107.2617°929019View Map
Rio Feliz BridgeBridgeN33.1151°W104.3269°935877View Map
Rio Grande BridgeBridgeN32.3894°W106.8133°935785View Map
Rio Grande Bridge Historic SiteBridgeN32.5012°W106.9281°934482View Map
Rio Grande Gorge BridgeBridgeN36.4764°W105.7331°929028View Map
Rio Hondo BridgeBridgeN33.3706°W105.2264°934479View Map
Rio Puerco BridgeBridgeN34.4095°W106.8536°929030View Map
San Juan River Bridge Historic SiteBridgeN36.7856°W108.6870°935203View Map
Shalem BridgeBridgeN32.3762°W106.8547°929048View Map
Tonuco BridgeBridgeN32.6131°W107.0203°929074View Map
Wamsley Crossing (historical)BridgeUnknownUnknown901859
White BridgeBridgeN36.0500°W109.0443°900610View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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