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State: NM - New Mexico
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Feature Type: Capes

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This search matched 25 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Black BluffsCapeN33.2809°W107.1467°886398View Map
Cactus PointCapeN34.7289°W107.6539°887063View Map
Cedar PointCapeN33.0171°W103.8775°887347View Map
Cedar PointCapeN35.4770°W104.2378°887348View Map
Cerro LeguaCapeN35.4928°W107.8301°904975View Map
Comanche PointCapeN36.8317°W105.3153°905280View Map
Dry PointCapeN36.7264°W107.3084°905891View Map
El CaboCapeN35.0331°W105.5647°888792View Map
El Mesteņo PointCapeN35.9256°W103.9094°888813View Map
Eul PointCapeN36.9925°W107.3537°906204View Map
Gascon PointCapeN35.9395°W105.4822°906493View Map
Heifer PointCapeN36.9014°W108.4393°889876View Map
La Botella ChiquitaCapeN35.7267°W104.3678°890773View Map
Lassa PointCapeN35.4595°W107.9498°890969View Map
Long PointCapeN33.2356°W107.1925°891306View Map
Mitchell PointCapeN33.3581°W107.1786°892124View Map
Montoya PointCapeN35.7206°W104.1572°892186View Map
North Monticello PointCapeN33.3198°W107.1764°892627View Map
Nose Rock PointCapeN35.6100°W108.6165°892755View Map
Pot PointCapeN35.9736°W107.5003°893433View Map
Pueblito PointCapeN34.1181°W106.8975°893508View Map
Rocky PointCapeN35.5753°W108.1017°894114View Map
Sandy PointCapeN33.3737°W108.6859°910764View Map
South Monticello PointCapeN33.2981°W107.1773°895088View Map
Three Sisters PointCapeN33.2812°W107.1773°895657View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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