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State: NM - New Mexico
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Feature Type: Falls

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Big FallsFallsN35.3508°W108.8717°886303View Map
Brazos FallsFallsUnknownUnknown901686
Catfish Falls (historical)FallsN35.0564°W104.6889°887287View Map
Chamisa Vega Spring FallsFallsN35.6762°W106.9412°887422View Map
Folsom FallsFallsN36.8727°W103.8809°889124View Map
Garcia FallsFallsN33.4924°W107.4523°906475View Map
Jemez FallsFallsN35.8127°W106.6065°907344View Map
Lower Frijoles FallsFallsN35.7609°W106.2589°908274View Map
Nambe FallsFallsN35.8456°W105.9064°928761View Map
Pecos FallsFallsN35.9368°W105.5582°909532View Map
Petrero WaterfallFallsN36.4070°W106.2059°913977View Map
Rio Quemado FallsFallsN35.9838°W105.6522°901741View Map
Sitting Bull FallsFallsN32.2433°W104.6974°911096View Map
The FallsFallsN35.2078°W108.4431°911633View Map
Upper Frijoles FallsFallsN35.7634°W106.2597°928833View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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