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State: NM - New Mexico
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Feature Type: Rapids

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Alberts Falls RapidRapidsN36.2622°W105.8033°924755View Map
Ancho RapidRapidsN35.7697°W106.2211°924756View Map
Big Arsenic FallsRapidsN36.6753°W105.7053°924842View Map
Big Rock RapidRapidsN36.2445°W105.8272°924751View Map
Dark Canyon RapidRapidsN36.4664°W106.7053°925097View Map
Dead Car RapidRapidsN36.3989°W105.7225°924752View Map
Gaging Station RapidRapidsN36.3195°W105.7561°924486View Map
High Bridge RapidRapidsN36.4764°W105.7283°924753View Map
Horse Thief Shorty RapidRapidsN36.5597°W105.7053°924485View Map
Little Arsenic RapidsRapidsN36.6647°W105.6867°924841View Map
Power Line Falls RapidRapidsN36.3856°W105.7220°924457View Map
Rock GardenRapidsN36.3789°W105.7283°925095View Map
Screaming Left Hand TurnRapidsN36.3508°W106.6736°925096View Map
Ski Jump RapidRapidsN36.4892°W105.7256°924524View Map
Souse Hole RapidRapidsN36.2375°W105.8422°924458View Map
Sunset RapidRapidsN36.3395°W105.7308°930419View Map
The Karmic Wave RapidRapidsN36.2675°W105.7933°924515View Map
The Narrows RapidRapidsN36.2622°W105.8111°924525View Map
Yellow Bank RapidRapidsN36.4553°W105.7283°924754View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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