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State: NY - New York
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Feature Type: Basins

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This search matched 23 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Blaggs CloveBasinN41.3859°W74.1629°944207View Map
Captain Kid HollowBasinN41.0951°W72.1326°945808View Map
Chazy Boat BasinBasinN44.9367°W73.3987°973764View Map
Devils KitchenBasinN42.1337°W74.0812°948368View Map
Galloo BasinBasinN43.9598°W76.4413°1851786View Map
Gelina BasinBasinN44.3217°W73.6762°950977View Map
Genesee BasinBasinN43.5167°W77.6664°1851787View Map
Grassy HollowBasinN41.0226°W72.2248°951565View Map
Henrys HollowBasinN40.8695°W72.5701°973450View Map
Honey HollowBasinN41.2401°W73.5982°953143View Map
Hull BasinBasinN44.2181°W73.8251°953423View Map
Kelly BasinBasinN44.3239°W73.6915°954465View Map
Mississauga BasinBasinN43.5834°W78.1664°1851789View Map
Niagara BasinBasinN43.5417°W79.1164°1851790View Map
Pelkey BasinBasinN44.1698°W73.9340°960114View Map
Rochester BasinBasinN43.6167°W76.9997°1851796View Map
Scuttle HoleBasinN40.9326°W72.8251°964714View Map
Stony BasinBasinN43.9167°W76.3733°1851794View Map
The BasinBasinN44.8714°W73.6193°967201View Map
Walton BasinBasinN44.2234°W73.8390°968732View Map
Woodchuck HoleBasinN42.9978°W78.1295°971621View Map
Woodchuck HollowBasinN43.0140°W77.5581°971622View Map
Worlds EndBasinN41.3994°W73.9550°2367737View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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