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State: NY - New York
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Feature Type: Springs

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Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Bear SpringsSpringN42.0365°W78.8003°943310View Map
Boiling SpringSpringN44.0803°W74.9119°975999View Map
Bread SpringSpringN40.7348°W73.4610°944668View Map
Cedar SpringSpringN44.4267°W75.0013°976099View Map
Clove SpringSpringN41.6881°W73.6751°946927View Map
Cold SpringSpringN41.9151°W73.7129°947055View Map
Cold SpringSpringN42.2359°W78.8889°947056View Map
Cold SpringSpringN43.5331°W73.4882°947057View Map
Cold SpringSpringN43.8348°W73.4154°947058View Map
Cold SpringSpringN44.8989°W74.3838°947059View Map
Dorwin SpringsSpringN42.9842°W76.1580°948593View Map
Frontenac SpringsSpringN44.2045°W76.1416°950759View Map
Goblet SpringSpringN44.4084°W74.9308°976349View Map
Gramatan SpringsSpringN40.9408°W73.8267°2557060View Map
Great Bear SpringsSpringN43.2615°W76.3569°951617View Map
High Rock SpringSpringN43.0870°W73.7796°952759View Map
Mulchy SpringSpringN43.4612°W75.0591°958131View Map
North Star SpringSpringN44.0564°W75.8241°958928View Map
Old Red SpringSpringN43.0890°W73.7760°959312View Map
Palmer SpringSpringN44.4384°W74.9608°976789View Map
Seneca Oil SpringSpringN42.2315°W78.3067°1959396View Map
Sulphur SpringSpringN42.2351°W76.4488°966752View Map
The Seven WellsSpringN41.7281°W73.5921°967336View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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