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State: OH - Ohio
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Feature Type: Harbors

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This search matched 24 places or features.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude GNIS ID View Map
Bridgeview HarborHarborN39.0617°W84.4305°1059569View Map
Cleveland HarborHarborN41.5195°W81.6887°1072326View Map
East Turning BasinHarborN41.3942°W82.5518°1071156View Map
Eddys Boat HarborHarborN41.4825°W81.8310°1072301View Map
Frontier Boat HarborHarborN38.9112°W84.2485°1054181View Map
Gull HarborHarborN41.3903°W82.5543°1049970View Map
Holiday CoveHarborN41.5417°W82.7666°1077487View Map
Kenykirk HarborHarborN41.5467°W82.8560°1049700View Map
Lonz Marine HarborHarborN41.6756°W82.8077°1049689View Map
Lorain Yacht BasinHarborN41.4709°W82.1790°1059001View Map
Maumee Mooring BasinHarborN41.7006°W83.4588°1071172View Map
Mentor HarborHarborN41.7267°W81.3498°1052869View Map
New Richmond HarborHarborN38.9478°W84.2813°1054191View Map
Put-in-Bay Refuge HarborHarborN41.6542°W82.8180°1083409View Map
Riverside Turning BasinHarborN41.6678°W83.5091°1051475View Map
Sadler Sailing BasinHarborN41.4603°W82.6988°1049940View Map
Shady Lane Boat HarborHarborN39.0203°W84.3172°1054139View Map
Snug HarborHarborN41.5126°W82.7432°1049710View Map
The Colony Club HarborHarborN41.5542°W82.8546°1049701View Map
Turning BasinHarborN41.4767°W81.6724°1047220View Map
Twentyfirst Century Boat HarborHarborN39.0787°W84.5930°1059419View Map
West Turning BasinHarborN41.3937°W82.5532°1071158View Map
Wewes Boat HarborHarborN39.0595°W84.4280°1059568View Map
Winnies Boat BasinHarborN41.5414°W82.7188°1083417View Map

Note: Coordinates displayed in the above table are referenced to NAD83 datum.

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